Create a Special Gift with Animal Jewelry

We all love gifts tailored to us as it shows someone cares about us. Creating special gifts with animal jewelry is easy. Animal lovers enjoy specific animal jewelry as it reminds them of their animal friends. Favorite animal jewelry can bring a smile to ones face as they think of seeing one. If a friend collects an animal figures or photos, why not try giving them a pin, pendant or money clip to match?

Find wonderful little quotes, sayings and/or poems to add to your pet jewelry or animal lovers jewelry gift. These little touches are available on every page in this section of Jewelry Mall.

Animal Jewelry:
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  • Pet Jewelry keeps our pets near to our heart while at work. Getting a dog owner a dog pin or pendant can make their day.

  • There is a Chinese Zodiac Animal for every year. Many use them to enhance the attirbutes of their own zodiac animal or bring in the affects of another ones. We're not sure how well this works, but it is fun to try.

  • Native American Animal Totem Jewelry is used by many to bring in the attributes attributed to the particular animal. Whether one believes this or not, adding the specific lore assciated to that animal makes a more interesting gift.
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Sweet Animal Sayings and Trivia/Lore (to add to your gift)

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  • I'd love to go on a safari with you!
  • You are more lovable than any animal!
  • I roar for you.
  • You make me want to howl with joy.
  • I sing your praises all day.
  • You bring out the animal in me.

  • Several Egyptian Gods had animal heads:
    • Cat: Bastet (Egyptians seemed to honor Bastet with cat statues)
    • Ram: Amun (very powerful god - perhaps creator of all things)
    • Hawk: Horus (protector of the Pharaoh)


Gifts for Animal Lovers


Animal Poem

    Beautiful Animals

    Animals throughout the land
    Add beauty, variety, and delight:
    Find a loving dog at one's side
    Showing love and comfort all the day;
    Watch an Eagle take flight
    And soar through the skies.